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Infidelity Checks

Sometimes we know something is wrong with our relationship but we can't quite pin it down. For those who are unsure whether that discomfort is paranoia or a wily partner tricking you Qld Covert Investigations gives you the opportunity to clear that doubt without ever letting your partner know.

This means that your relationship won't be disrupted for nothing but the most serious reasons. Only an infidelity check with Qld Covert Investigations will allow you to live in the certainty that you are in a secure and stable relationship and that the love you have for your partner is true and reciprocated. We have licensed specialists who deal exclusively in infidelity investigations. You can trust that we will conduct our investigation with the utmost discretion.


Surveillance remains the most effective method of obtaining rock solid evidence or intelligence. Our Brisbane private investigation services have worked across the city, state, country and continent on various surveillance missions. We are experienced in all situations, be it static, on foot, mobile or at sea. Our advanced surveillance techniques coupled with high-definition surveillance equipment mean that the material we provide is equally suitable for court and for confronting guilty parties.

We employ our techniques with a scientific rigor, that means over the years we have refined and restructured the way we do surveillance. Now we have a tested methodology and procedure that results in excellent surveillance capabilities without any suspicion from the subject. We have helped countless insurance companies, solicitors and other private companies find out the truth behind the claims that have been presented to them.

Equally we've helped many people who aren't sure about their partner and are worried they may be cheating by using our state of the art surveillance techniques and technology to put their mind at ease.

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Bug Sweeping

So many people are unaware of the extent of corporate and personal espionage that goes on in Australia. Most people assume their fellow citizens are as equally honest and law abiding as they are.

So often we get calls of companies or individuals trying to figure out how someone knows all their secrets. In those cases the best we can do is find the breach and immediately correct it.

The ideal form of protection though is to conduct regular sweeps and pre-empt any illegal monitoring. If you are working on an important deal or you feel that your personal life is being monitored, get us in to check before it's too late.

We have state of the art equipment for all manner of bug sweeping and a full scan by Qld Covert Investigations will leave you assured that no one is or will be listening in on your innermost secrets.

WorkCover Checks

Occasionally some employees like to think they are smarter than their employer and that they can take advantage of their employer's generosity. In these instances you need concrete evidence to prove your case and make sure that no employee can get away with cheating on your business. We are up to date with all the latest scams and cases going on in the workplace.

We also have extensive knowledge of the various employment acts and what is involved in cheating an employer. All our evidence is date and timestamped and can be presented in a court of law as legal evidence. This isn't just a matter of your businesses money it is a matter of reputation and pride.

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